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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist | American Housekeeping Before using our bathroom cleaning checklist, remember to clean from the top-down and outside-in and pre-treat all surfaces. This will increase the quality and efficiency of your clean and make your job that much easier. Get Your Free Housekeeping Quote Remove rugs & wastebaskets and gather your materials. Begin… Read More

American Housekeeping Checklist for Home Cleaning – Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Clean Home

Housekeeping Checklist for Home Cleaning. A good housekeeping checklist for home cleaning helps you to clean thoroughly, systematically and efficiently. Begin cleaning the following rooms in this order: Bathroom – work top-down, bottom-up spraying and scrubbing surfaces with cleaner. Bedroom – remove clutter, work from the outside-in dusting and vacuuming. Kitchen – clean cabinets and… Read More

Maid Service – Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks How To Guide

Earlier this month our maid service discovered what the dirtiest room in your home really is – its your kitchen! Now, the question is: how can you (or your maid service) fix the problem. Well, the following is a 14 point, step by step kitchen cleaning solution that you or your maid service can follow to… Read More

This is the Dirtiest Room in Your Home | Maid Service Facts

The dirtiest room in your home may surprise you.   Get Your Free Maid Service Quote Certain rooms in your home may not be as clean as you think. For some, this comes as no surprise, but for others, it may be time to stop and consider what the dirtiest room in your home actually… Read More