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More than a Cleaning Service

Family Owned and Operated for Over 30 years

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Our commitment to family and integrity began with Kathryn Vernon in the late 1980's.

Her goal was to start a business that could not only accommodate the needs of her own family but could also serve the community and the housekeepers who take care of our homes every day.

This was Kathryn’s vision and it continues to guide us to this day.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to increase our customers health, happiness, and overall quality of life by providing consistent, reliable, high quality residential cleaning services built on a foundation of honesty and integrity.


We regarded our customers and employees as an extension of our own family.

We build long term relationships with our customers.

We talk with our clients and are in their homes regularly; they know us well and we know them.

Each home and each family is unique and we strive to cater to their needs.

Most of our clients get their homes cleaned on a regular scheduled service every week, two weeks, or once a month.

Many of our clients are on service for years and years, even decades!

Meet Our Housekeepers



5 Year Veteran

Q: "Why do you love working at American Housekeeping?"

A: "I feel like everyone has my back. Everyone's here to learn and grow with me."



8 Year Veteran

Q: "What's your greatest accomplishment while working at American Housekeeping?"

A: "I've learned how to make my cleanings super efficient. Because we work in teams and clean for the same clients we know where the trouble spots are in their homes."



10 Year Veteran

Q: "How would you explain what you do at American Housekeeping to a complete stranger?"

A: "It's not just like I come into your house to clean, I create bonds with many of my clients. I get to know them personally and I like to go out of my way for them. It's more of a family as opposed to a job."