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We're a Family Owned Reno/San Antonio Housekeeping Service Committed to Honesty and Integrity

Trusted Housekeeping Maid Service in Reno and San Antonio Since 1989.

Mission Statement:

Honesty and integrity make up the foundation of our housekeeping company. We commit ourselves to honest, quality cleans every time. Your trust is essential and it's our mission to never betray it.

Meet Our Housekeepers

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Honest  and Trustworthy Housekeepers with Integrity

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Cleaning Practices

Meet Our Housekeepers

Find out why many of our members of our maid service team have been with us for over 15 years!

What Makes American Housekeeping Different:


You'll become familiar with the same Reno and San Antonio housekeeping team.

  • We try to provide the same Reno and San Antonio maid service for each of your cleans.
  • Each of our Reno and San Antonio house cleaning teams stays within a grouping of neighborhoods to optimize our cleaning efficiency.
  • Scheduling and geography are logistical housekeeping problems, but they're something we've found solutions to over the years, all in the interest of providing more efficient Reno and San Antonio maid service.


We conduct full background checks before any of our employees enter your home.

  • You need to know that the maid cleaning your home is trustworthy and respectful.
  • We require that each of our employees from our Reno and San Antonio maid service undergo a full background check.
  • Our screenings are an added step that ensure quality and integrity.
  • We even make sure that every employee at our Reno and San Antonio maid service gets an official W2 come tax time!


Your maid service Reno and San Antonio team arrives in a branded company vehicle, equipped with non-toxic cleaning supplies.

  • We supply our housekeepers with everything they need to do their job e.g. vehicles and cleaning supplies.
  • Every cleaning solution we use is safe to the touch and non-toxic.
  • Harsh cleaning supplies aren't good for your family and they're certainly not good for our housekeepers, which is why exclude them from your service.


Our housekeeping service is licensed, bonded and insured - no exceptions. 

  • Not only do we ensure the quality of our work, we also ensure our housekeepers and our business.
  • This is the most important commitment we make to you.
  • If there's an accident, injury or theft, we have the situation covered.
  • Many private housekeeping companies in Reno and San Antonio aren't licensed, bonded or insured or even official companies.

 Our Reno/San Antonio maid service began in 1989 as part of our commitment to family.

We're more than a housekeeping service - we're a family with integrity and values.

Our commitment to family and integrity began with Kathryn Vernon in the late 1980's. Kathryn was instrumental in moving our family from Texas to Nevada. Her goal was to start a housekeeping business that could accommodate the needs of our family and our housekeepers too. It's always been our aim to provide a valuable maid service to our Reno and San Antonio communities.

We've discovered over 25 years of service that the best way to run a profitable business is to please our customers. Above all else, your satisfaction is our main concern. This is easier said than done! In the housekeeping services world, it requires committing ourselves to scheduling, screening, supplying and insuring our housekeepers. We do things the hard way because it's worth it in the long-run.

Our client's love our housekeeping service and you will too!

Here's what they have to say about our maid service in Reno/San Antonio:

“If I get sick or my car breaks down, I go to a licensed professional. Why wouldn’t I do the same when it comes to the most valuable investment I have – my home. Saving a few dollars is not worth my peace of mind.”